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Mine working remediation specialists in the treatment of old mines effecting building and construction work.




With a comprehensive balance of knowledge, experience, and machinery, we continue to produce reliable solutions for your ground problems and answers to your questions.

You can rely on the Groundshire team to provide the right outcome for your project.

When you come to invest in the land, you require complete confidence. As sure as you are, when there is an investment of large sums of money, it is vital to get a second opinion. You need a reliable opinion. You need the specialists that are both reputable and experienced in delivering assurance for your insurance.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out if your investment is a risk.



We have developed a reputation for providing the right solution to complex mining problems.


Having worked with many of the leading construction companies in the UK, we have become the go to company for mining and ground problems, not only in the North East of England but throughout the UK.

We have a reputation of providing timely and accurate advice on the best ways to progress a project that has question marks regarding the stability of the ground below.

The ground is a complex piece of mother nature's art. We are submersed with knowledge and understanding within this area.  We have worked with large developers all the way to answering residential questions from homeowners.

The solutions we provide are always based on you and your project.

Our records go back to the 1800’s and we have mining plans that don’t exist anywhere else.

If we don’t know the answer from knowledge, we will find the answer with engineering. We can scope land and use the industries leading practices to provide the very best answers to our client's problems.

See our history and projects to find out how we became industry leaders.



Groundshire Limited began trading in 1978 when our current managing director's father decided that there was a need that required meeting within the post-mining groundwork industry.


Having worked in the mines for the National Coal Board and working his way up, he was well-positioned to provide expert advice within the area of mines and groundwork.

Over 40 years of experience is backed up with another 35 years of experience from our forefathers.

Since then, Groundshire has employed some incredible staff members and trained them to understand the ground in the same way. We have a number of employees who have over 40 years in the industry.

Our managing director, Ellen, studied geology to degree level and became an active member of the Groundshire team in the ’90s. Under the careful guidance of her father, she became a leader in her field and continues to provide insight into groundwork and mining issues even today.

With the experience at Groundshire, we are well versed in providing expert advice on the most complex of ground and mining investigations.

Contact our team today for more information about our mine shaft solutions.

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