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Mine working remediation specialists in the treatment of old mines effecting building and construction work.

The first way was the right way...

Groundshire, an independent company, has been operating continuously since 1978. In that time, we have developed a reputation as specialists in the treatment of old mine workings and mine entries.

We are well-equipped in terms of plant and machinery; and we are well-equipped in terms of experience and expertise. Contracts over £2.50m value have been successfully carried out, but at the other extreme, few jobs are too small.


Equipped to Succeed

The company operates a fleet of predominantly track mounted hydraulic top drive hammer drilling rigs, the staple drilling equipment in ground stabilisation. We also operate a number of specialised rigs.


We designed a rig to operate from a telehandler boom so that drilling could be undertaken at significant height without the need for scaffolding. We designed a restricted access rig with a towed power pack so that the rig could work inside a building with the power pack outside to prevent issues with fumes.


Our rigs can drill holes at most angles through most geological materials with hole diameters ranging between 20mm and 250mm to depths more than 100m at 100mm diameter.

Bespoke Solutions

Pressure grouting equipment consists of company designed and manufactured colloidal mixers of various sizes used in conjunction with double acting diaphragm or piston pumps.

This range of plant, manned by an experienced work force allows a wide range of contracts to fall well within Groundshire’s capability.

Machinery is serviced by experienced fitters and the plant department is well equipped to design and construct special items for non-standard work.
We hold Construction Line, Acclaim and Chas Premium Plus accreditation.

Our specialisms include:


Treatment of coal, sandstone, ironstone, lead, chalk and fireclay workings by drilling and grouting.

Bulk infilling of open voided workings with PFA/cement/sand/gravel and stone.

Drilling and grouting of collapsed workings with PFA/cement, including various additives such as anti-washout, polymers and fast/slow set.

Treatment of abandoned mine shafts, by drilling, grouting and capping.

Formation of infill cut off/curtain walls by installation of materials from the surface through cased boreholes including sand, gravel, stone, concrete and grout.

Permeation and consolidation grouting of harbour walls.

We are proud of our staff, of whom, many have served with us in excess of 40 years and are highly skilled.


Those that have joined us more recently are trained to understand the complexities of the problems we solve for our clients. All our workforce hold CSCS / CPCS cards.

Our resources as a company are extensive in the areas in which we work, and we are always at hand to identify and rectify problems on behalf of our clients.

Our Managing Director breaks the mould as a female director in a male-dominated industry. Daughter of one of the founding directors, Jack Duff, Ellen has a real passion to carry on his legacy. Jack started out as a miner in the North East of England. He was promoted many times ultimately becoming a Colliery Under-Manager. Following the closing of the mines, Ellen’s father took his incredible knowledge of mine workings and came together with the other 3 founding members, Bob Chilton, Scotty Barlow and Tom Humphreys used their combined knowledge to form the business so that it could rectify the legacy problems coal mining had left across the country’s coalfields. Groundshire was created out of a real need and a real understanding of that need.

Groundshire Limited owes a lot to the founders of this company and everyone that work here past, present and future will have been touched in some way by the four. Jack Duff - Bob Chilton - Scotty Barlow - Tom Humphreys

The company continues to be underpinned by this same knowledge of mine workings. Ellen’s father provided on the job training for all his staff members including Ellen herself. Although Groundshire began in 1978, the knowledge base that rests within the company pre-dates this by many years.

Groundshire Limited is here to help you and your business if you are planning to build on land where there is a chance of mining subsidence. We are here to help and support your plans.


Contact our team today for more information about our mine shaft solutions.

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