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Mine working remediation specialists in the treatment of old mines effecting building and construction work.

the first way was the right way!

Groundshire, a completely independent company, began operating in 1978, and has been considered a specialist in the treatment of old mineworkings for over 30 years. Well equipped in terms of plant and machinery; well equipped in terms of experience and expertise.


Contracts in excess of £2.50m value have been successfully carried out, but at the other extreme no job is too small.


The company operates a large fleet of rotary hydraulic track mounted drilling rigs and specialised rigs, for example designed for drilling at a height without the need for scaffolding or work inside buildings.  The rigs can drill holes at any angle through almost any materials with hole diameters ranging between 20mm and 250mm to depths in excess of 300m at 100mm diameter.

Pressure grouting equipment consists of company designed and manufactured colloidal mixers of various sizes used in conjunction with double acting diaphragm or piston pumps.

This range of plant, manned by an experienced work force allows a wide range of contracts to fall well within Groundshire’s capability.

Machinery is serviced by experienced fitters and the plant department is well equipped to design and construct special items for non-standard work.  The company operates its own Quality Assurance Scheme and safety is at the forefront of all contracts.

Our specialisms include:

  • Treatment of coal, sandstone, ironstone, lead, chalk and fireclay workings by drilling and grouting.

  • Bulk infilling of open voided workings with PFA/Cement/Sand/Gravel and Stone.

  • Drilling and grouting of collapsed workings with PFA/Cement, including various additives such as
    anti-washout, polymers and fast/slow set.


  • Treatment of abandoned mine shafts, by drilling, grouting and capping.

  • Formation of infill cut off/curtain walls by installation of materials from the surface through cased boreholes including sand, gravel, stone, concrete and grout.

  • Permeation and consolidation grouting of harbour walls.


Foundation and concrete repairs-underfloor grouting Economical method of strengthening materials (eg concrete floor) and filling underlying voids.


Ellen Dempster - Director


Meet our Managing Director


Ellen took over the role as director from her father, one of the founders of Groundshire Limited. Ellen gained an MSc in Engineering Geology from the University of Durham following a BSc in Applied Geology from the University of Sunderland. Ellen is a hands-on director that loves to get involved in the day to day when she can.

William Dempster - Contracts Manager


Meet our Contracts Manager


William gained an MSc in Engineering Hydrology from Newcastle University following a BSc in Applied Geology from Sunderland Polytechnic. William arranges work to take place once Contracts have been awarded. He Manages the day to day activities of the entire workforce which at times can be 42 staff. This includes all aspects of general man management, wage negotiation, promotion, training, discipline and health and safety. Various other duties include providing quotations, design, implementation and reporting on drilling and grouting works on projects from a few thousands of pounds to in excess of £1M.


Scott Humphreys - Project Manager


Meet our Project Manager 

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