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Mine working remediation specialists in the treatment of old mines effecting building and construction work.

Providing Solutions

The UK has a high number of disused mines, shafts and drains that run underground. Many are not mapped so landowners may be unaware of what is beneath their land.

When a developer wants to build on land, they need to be sure that the site safeguarded against future subsidence. To ensure this, the land needs a site investigation.


How does it help?

Before construction we can check the soils and rocks below for shallow mine workings, coal seam outcrops, geological faults, weak ground such as back filled quarries and cellars or other sources of potential surface damage including old mine shafts and wells.

We offer the following investigative techniques:

Rotary percussive probing using ‘top hammer’ Krupp drill units

Rotary open hole using rock rollers, drag bits, PCD bits to 200mm diameter

Rotary coring and core logging using ‘P’ and ‘412’ size with air or water flush


Overburden Symmetrix casing methods at 100mm and 150mm diameter

Recording of superficial deposits/fill, rock strata and coal thickness or mining collapses and voids

Installation of gas/water monitoring equipment (piezometers, standpipes) and extensometers

Installation of permanent or temporary casings

Restricted access working spaces using 750mm wide mini rigs

Production of factual reports

Image by František G.

What is the outcome?

The outcome is that the ground we have worked on is safe and stable and is suitable to build on.
We future proof your land.

Contact our team today for more information about our mine shaft solutions.

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