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An inexpensive and effective way to fill abandoned structures.

Image by Trevor Brown

Grout and other slurries (most often bentonite) can often represent a practical and inexpensive solution to permanently infill a number or features or improve the properties of other materials including:

■ Sewers, culverts, ducts and pipe annulus
■ Underpasses and tunnels
■ Disused underground storage tanks
■ Basements / air raid shelters
■ Back filled quarries

Culverts and disused sewers can cause subsidence and form a breeding ground for vermin. Pressure
grouting removes the problem.

Damaged culverts and sewers are often renovated by placing a smaller diameter pipe inside. Pressure grouting of the annulus strengthens the inner pipe and removes the risk of vermin infestation.

We have extended the consolidation techniques to permeation grouting, which has proved successful during several harbour redevelopments that we have been involved in. Permeation grouting strengthens the existing harbour or quay walls, as well as significantly reducing their permeability. This allows water to be impounded and marinas formed. We have been successful in assisting in the restoration of Whitehaven and Seaham harbours.

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