Site Investigation and Exploratory Drilling

Before construction begins we are able to check strata below for shallow mine workings, coal seam outcrops, geological faults, weak ground such as back filled quarries and cellars or other sources of potential surface damage including old mine shafts and wells. If any of these problems exist we can advise on the cure, the financial implications and we can remedy the solution. This is achieved using our wide variety of drilling rigs from mini rigs to 15 tonne rigs, and fully qualified operatives.

We offer the following investigative techniques;

■ Rotary percussive probing

■ Rotary open hole

■ Coring and core logging

■ Symmetrix casing methods

■ Recording of superficial deposits/fill, rock strata and coal thickness or mining collapses and voids

■ Installation of gas/water monitoring equipment

■ Installation of piezometers, standpipes and extensometers

■ Production of factual reports

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