Other Areas of Work

Foundation and concrete repairs-underfloor grouting Economical method of strengthening materials (eg concrete floor) and filling underlying voids.

Pneumatic Placement of pea-gravels etcTechnique to place pea-gravel under floors, into basements, sewers and tunnels where normal access is not available.

Culvert and Sewer GroutingCulverts and disused sewers can cause subsidence and form a breeding ground for vermin. Pressure grouting removes the problem.Annulus GroutingDamaged culverts and sewers are often renovated by placing a smaller diameter pipe inside. Pressure grouting of the annulus strengthens the inner pipe.Chemical GroutingStabilisation of running sands by the injection of chemicals.

Typical applications are in thrust bores, trenches, shafts etc.Ground AnchorsCommonly used for retaining walls and sheet piles, and to prevent communication masts and pylons from toppling.

Waterproofing and StabilisingIn canal locks, water, leaking from higher to lower levels, eventually causes damage to the retaining walls and forms cavities behind them.Rock BoltsApplications include strengthening and making safe rock in cuttings and tunnels, fastening machinery into foundations, etc.Strengthing of sea walls, retaining walls, culvets etcRetaining walls, culverts and ancient monuments may be strengthened by pressure grouting. Sea defence walls may also have their permeability reduced.

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