Environmental Services

Contaminated Land
Many derelict and disused industrial sites have in the past been subject to some form of contamination. It is therefore essential to carry out a thorough investigation on such sites prior to development, before firm plans are drawn.

Groundshire have the expertise to carry out the require exploratory works including sampling and testing at various depths within soils, fill materials and rock

The increasing demand for development land and the tightening of legislation regarding former operational landfill sites has led to an increase in the requirement for information on the generation process and migration pathways of landfill gases and leachates in and around those areas. Groundshire are able to collect the required information and determine the action to be taken.

Landfill Gases
A cost effective and non destructive method of assessing the presence of landfill gas is by ‘spike hole’ survey technique.
Groundshire also offers the construction of monitor installations for gases, water and leachates together with a reporting system.

Geothermal Boreholes
We have adapted rigs to cope with the demand of Geothermal Heating Systems. We drill the borehole and install the Geothermal tubing.

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